Der Cross Innovation Hub wird mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) co-finanziert.

Cross Innovation Hub

Cross Innovation Hub

We promote innovation in the early phase and create building-block offers in order to develop forward-looking solutions into economically viable business ideas.

Cross Innovation Hub

In the search for new impulses for products, processes and procedures, companies, self-employed people and those interested in setting up their own business are increasingly venturing beyond their own nose into other sectors and markets. In so-called cross-innovation processes, dealing with unfamiliar working cultures and approaches to solutions, such as can be found in high density in the creative industries, promises opportunities for changes in how processes are organised, new products, services and business ideas.

Practical Promotion and Reflection

In our Cross Innovation Hub, we take advantage of this approach to promote innovation at an early stage: with ongoing new offers such as bar camps, world cafés and job shadowing opportunities, we encourage exchange, networking and cooperation with companies, self-employed people and students from the creative industries and other sectors and disciplines. We accompany approaches developed within this framework with building-block offers such as workshops, accelerators and coaching sessions which lead the way to economically viable business ideas.

In addition to practical support, we deal with our role and opportunities as public ‘bridge builders” of cross-sector partnerships in various formats such as think tanks, lectures and conferences.

Cooperation at Eye Level

To us, ‘cross-innovation’ means cross-industry cooperation on an equal footing. We offer all participants the opportunity to expand their mindset in a cross-sectoral exchange and to tap new markets and application areas for their services and capabilities.

We invite you to

  • change perspectives,
  • develop new ideas and visions and
  • set innovation in motion.
Jenny Kornmacher


Jenny Kornmacher

Project Manager Cross Innovation Hub

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Job Shadowing

Discover with our Job Shadowing programme why it makes sense to switch temporarily to the everyday working life of other business sectors. more →

Pop-up Office

Creative minds from design, photography, press and advertising develop new forms of cooperation together with executives, HR managers and innovation managers from companies of various industries and sizes. learn more →


Every last Tuesday of the month, we take you on a short journey behind the scenes of our project 'Cross Innovation Hub'. learn more →

Summer Academy

Students from various disciplines develop creative solutions for everyday challenges year after year in an intensive two-week work phase. learn more →

Cross Innovation Conference

As regional promoters of the creative industries and initiators of the Cross Innovation Hub, we are bringing together ‘bridge builders’ of cross-innovations from across Europe for an exchange in Hamburg. learn more →

Green Gold - algae as a ressource: In cooperation with Design Scientist Julia Lohmann we initiated a hands-on seminar and a lecture dealing with the potentials of seaweed as a future material.

'Publish Public Spaces' - the topic of our hackathon - inspired creatives, coders and business people to numerous innovative applications.

'Art meets Science' was an exhibition organised by artists and scientists at the 'Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY)'. The exhibits reflected different aspects of the research on dark matter.

At design thinking workshops held at 'ZAL – Hamburgs Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung' participants developed new ideas concerning the future of aviation.

selected partners


In Design-Thinking-Workshops und neuen Prototyping-Formaten entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit dem hit-Technopark neue Schnittstellen zwischen der Kreativwirtschaft sowie kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen aus dem Technologiebereich. 


Der next media accelerator (nma) ist ein international vernetztes Anschubprogramm für junge Start-ups aus dem Mediensektor. Gemeinsam mit dem nma haben wir 2017 einen Hackathon organisiert.


Das ZAL – Hamburgs Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung – ist unser Partner bei Jobshadowing-Programmen, Design-Thinking-Workshops, Lectures und Hackathons.


Gemeinsam mit dem Finanzplatz Hamburg e.V. haben wir bereits mehrere Tandems für unser Jobshadowing-Programm zusammengebracht. 

Research Centre

Mit dem Deutschen Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) erschließen wir in verschiedenen Formaten wie Kunstausstellungen oder Hackathons Innovationspotentiale zwischen naturwissenschaftlicher Grundlagenforschung und Kreativwirtschaft. 


Hamburger Hochschulen wie die Universität Hamburg, die Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW), die FH Wedel und die AMD Akademie für Mode & Design sind zentrale Partner in diversen cross-sektoralen Projekten.

Power Economy

Gemeinsam mit dem Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg (EEHH) regen wir zum Diskurs über die Potentiale neuer Technologien für die Energie- und Kreativwirtschaft an.

Chamber of Commerce

Durch Kooperationen mit der Handelskammer Hamburg (Crowd Innovation Day 2017, Hamburg Animation Conference 2018) erreichen wir ein Netzwerk von etwa 160.000 Unternehmen in Hamburg. 

Health Sector

Gemeinsam mit dem eHealth-Netzwerk der Gesundheitswirtschaft Hamburg GmbH (GWHH) und Life Science Nord (LSN) loten wir Innovationspotentiale in der Zusammenarbeit von Gesundheits- und Kreativwirtschaft aus.

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