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Attack your Business

Do you want to reinvent your business model or product/service? Attack your Business and Attack you Product is exactly the right format for the rapid development of new business areas.

Attack your Business -

Are you looking for visionary input for your company? The Attack your Business and Attack your Product formats scrutinise your business model, product or service and suggest innovative approaches. We will guide you through an intensive 3.5-day process in a protected collaboration room with a maximum of two other companies. Always at your side: creative experts who combine knowledge in new ways and challenge your company productively.

Carrying on as before is not a model for the future

If you want to survive the crises of these times, you need the will to constantly change and optimise. At best, every product and every business model is state of the art - and usually outdated again some time later. The world is changing - change your business too! We turn your current business model and/or product on its head and radically rethink it. Maximum change of perspective - maximum outcome for innovations. Let's attack your business!

The target group:

Decision-makers in companies of all sectors and sizes outside the creative industries.

The benefits:

  • At least 3 solution approaches for new business models/fields or products/services
  • In-depth analysis of the future of your industry
  • Selected creative experts who will productively challenge your company
  • Constructive change of perspective
  • Transfer of methodological expertise and enablement to establish your own innovation culture
  • Cross-industry exchange with other participating companies

Attack your Business starts in June 2024, Attack your Procuct in October 2024 Register now!

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Hannah Kemper -
  • Hannah Kemper
  • Programme Manager Cross Innovation Hub
  • 040 2372435-59
  • Kurzbiografie
  • Hannah Kemper is a programme manager in the area of conception & implementation of the Cross Innovation Hub. Previously, she was part of the Consulting & Training team and worked there as project manager for the Creative Business Academy.

    She studied Cultural Anthropology and Art History (M.A.) at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. As a project and events officer, Hannah Kemper was responsible for coordinating cultural projects and events at the Nordkolleg - Academy for Cultural Education in Rendsburg.

Sean Weingarten -
  • Sean Weingarten
  • Programme Manager Cross Innovation Hub
  • 040 2372435-53
  • Kurzbiografie
  • Sean Weingarten is a Programme Manager in the Concept & Delivery area of the Cross Innovation Hub. Previously, he was part of the Consulting & Training team, where he was project manager for the third round of the Creative Future Academy and the Music WorX Incubator 2022.

    He completed his studies at the HafenCity University Hamburg in the degree programme Culture of the Metropolis in 2017. This was followed by a phase of reorientation from cultural studies to artistic-practical work. Until 2023, he studied Digital Media at Leuphana University Lüneburg and Digital Arts at the City University of Hong Kong.

Nicole Wittek -
  • Nicole Wittek
  • Partnermanagerin Cross Innovation Hub
  • 040 2372435-85
  • Kurzbiografie
  • Nicole Wittek ist im Cross Innovation Hub für den Bereich Kooperationen und Partnermanagement zuständig. Nicole studierte Kulturwissenschaften, Medienwissenschaften und Betriebswirtschaftslehre im Bachelor und vertiefte Kulturwissenschaften im Master an der Universität Regensburg. In Regensburg baute sie den Bereich Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsförderung mit auf und war maßgeblich für die Entwicklung und das Management des innerstädtischen Kreativzentrums verantwortlich. Ehrenamtlich organisierte sie bereits während ihres Studiums und darüber hinaus zahlreiche Projekte an der Schnittstelle von Kultur, Kreativwirtschaft und Stadtentwicklung.

    Zuletzt arbeitete sie in einem interdisziplinären Hamburger Büro für Stadtentwicklung. Dort konzipierte sie co-kreative Formate im Bereich Placemaking und setzte diese in Projekten zur Innenstadtentwicklung und Mobilität um. Nicole ist Gründungs- und Vorstandsmitglied des Hamburger Vereins obenstadt e.V., der sich für mehr multifunktionale Dachnutzungen in Hamburg einsetzt und war Mitinitiatorin der ersten Hamburger Dachtage.

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