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Get started with music

Get started with music

The music industry is proving to be a solution-oriented and flexible industry in the digital transformation. We promote courage and entrepreneurial spirit with Music WorX.

    Get started with music

    Big data, blockchain and AI, digital platforms and social media - technological progress is driving the music industry to constantly reinvent itself. What is needed are pioneers who see radically changed production and distribution conditions as well as variable user requirements as an opportunity. We are looking for people who develop new licensing models and fan services, innovative business models, data analysis tools and/or other technology-based innovations to lead the music industry into the future. Are you interested?

    Then now is the right time to take your business idea to the next level in the Music WorX Accelerator.

    Four teams, three months

    Music WorX is one of the few accelerators worldwide that explicitly addresses start-ups and founders from the music industry. Every year, up to four young companies are financially supported in a compressed, three-month programme. The teams work intensively on the further development of their business idea with the support of experts and mentors from the Hamburg music industry. Music WorX is a publicly funded accelerator. Therefore, the founders do not sell any shares of their company to us.

    International Start-ups

    The Music WorX Accelerator is aimed at founders from all over Europe who want to set up their start-up in Hamburg. We are looking for founders with innovative business ideas from the following areas:

    • New services from the area of Directto-Fan (D2F)
    • licensing models
    • business models on the basis of blockchain
    • tools for analyzing music data
    • and much more

    During the programme, the working focus will be in Hamburg. After the program, it is desirable that the company headquarters remain in Hamburg and/or that relevant business relationships are maintained and expanded in Hamburg. Music WorX is financed and organised by the public sector, but cooperates very closely with a large number of companies from the music industry.

    Application phase 2019

    The application phase for this year's Accelerator Programme from mid-August to early November 2019 runs until Sunday, 16 June 2019. Are you interested in participating? If you are interested, please fill out the web form.

    Innovation in the music industry

    The music industry is a complex ecosystem. Diverse and variable producer and user interests favour the emergence of new business ideas. With the Music WorX funding programme, we provide an elementary building block for the industry to actively shape its own change. We use the strengths of Hamburg's music industry, with its large labels, publishing houses and media houses, international conferences and festivals as well as the dynamic start-up scene, to create the best possible breeding ground for the ingenuity of the music business.

    Claudia Wondratschke


    Claudia Wondratschke

    Event management

    T+49 40 879 7986 25
    Jenny Kornmacher


    Jenny Kornmacher

    Project Manager Cross Innovation Hub

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    Financial support

    Each team receives €5,000 for support services to develop a business idea.

    Cost-of-living allowance

    €1,500 per person (€500 per months for up to 3 persons per team) as a subsidy for living costs

    Personal coaching

    Participating teams receive an individually created qualification programme in the form of weekly workshops and individual consultation based on their needs.


    We bring our start-ups with Hamburg companies together and network with relevant industry representatives.

    Reeperbahn Festival Conference

    Make contacts and present ideas: All teams will receive free accreditation for the Reeperbahn Festival Conference and Reeperbahn Festival.

    Flexible co-workingplaces

    During the three-month programme, the teams will have flexible workplaces in a coworking space in Hamburg.

    The founders Markus Schwarzer and Jakob Höflich convinced the expert jury with the presentation of their app Groovecat, which enables users to combine photos and music into personal music moments. The photos, backed with music, can be shared with friends and acquaintances and stored in personal albums.

    The founders Fabio Buccheri, Fatih Inan, Pascal Kuemper and Jörg Kahlhöfer have launched an online platform for virtual live concerts: NOYS VR. Musicians perform live in virtual reality while fans around the world use VR headsets to participate in the concerts and interact with each other.

    With the Indigo Beat Machine by Indigo Engineering, founder Johann Vollmer focuses on the topic of "co-created music": users of the "Loop Station", initially designed as an Android app, can access their self-composed tracks via an open online library and provide them to other users as "sound snippets".

    Professional live music in a living room atmosphere: In the second Music WorX year, the founders of SofaConcerts.org, Marie-Lene Armingeon and Miriam Schütt convinced the jury. With their internet platform, they enable artists, provider of private rooms and fans to get in touch with each other and organize concerts in private rooms.

    In the first year, two projects were in the spotlight: The crowdfunding platform ADDACT by Hilko Aikens and Dirk Veit facilitates fans to invest together in concerts of their favourite bands. Janine Hélène Lubasy convinced with the software MATE, which supports indie labels in the preparation of administrative tasks.

    Selection of former participants