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Creative interim use: Frei_Fläche will continue in 2024

Creative industries instead of vacancies: The successful model of creative interim use will continue to revitalise Hamburg in the coming year.

Creative interim use: Frei_Fläche will continue in 2024 -

The "Frei_Fläche: Raum für kreative Zwischennutzung" programme is being extended once again: Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is continuing the successful funding programme on behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in 2024. This means that Frei_Fläche will continue to provide valuable impetus for a vibrant and sustainable city centre in the coming year. At Jupiter, the programme's largest Frei_Fläche space, creative interim use will be celebrated on 9 December with the second Jupiter Day.

"Creative interim uses are a benefit for the whole city. Creative people from all sectors have the chance to realise concepts in affordable and central spaces. At the same time, vacancies that are harmful to neighbourhoods can be reduced. Creative temporary use is also so important because it demonstrates the necessary long-term transformation of cities - and supports this as a field of experimentation."

Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Over 25,000 square metres of vacant space already prevented in Hamburg

Since mid-2021, Frei_Fläche has already enabled 109 interim uses and converted around 25,100 square metres of vacant space into studios and workshops, galleries and exhibition spaces, shops, workspaces and event rooms.

"Frei_Fläche enables us as a creative scene and creative industry to be present in spaces that would be difficult for us to access due to their location and the associated costs. Offering products here in the city centre, presenting works and sharing ideas with the people of Hamburg and many visitors is a wonderful privilege."

André Cramer, entrepreneur and founder of the La Tribune Noire concept store in Jupiter

The cooperation and the effects of Frei_Fläche are also seen as a great success by the property companies involved.

"The interim uses of renowned gallery concepts have not only enriched the Springer Quartier in recent months, but have also created considerable added value for the micro-location despite the urban construction site situation. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and the gallery concepts have transformed temporary vacancies into a lively and inspiring environment in an appealing way."

Felix Grelck, Director MOMENI Group

The extension of Frei_Fläche opens up prospects for the continued operation of Jupiter in Mönckebergstraße, the largest interim use of the funding programme at around 8,000 m2. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is currently in close consultation with the property owner regarding the possible continuation of Jupiter. On 9 December, the former department stores' (formerly Karstadt Sport) will host the all-day Jupiter Day - a day of action with dance and music events, markets, art exhibitions and a children's programme.

Since the start of the Frei_Fläche programme, interim uses have already been made possible at 75 locations. These include well-known addresses such as Alter Wall, Colonnaden and Brandstwiete - as well as spaces in arcades and shopping centres such as the Hanseviertel and Hamburger Hof. The funding programme is also revitalising former vacancies outside the city centre, for example in Altona, Barmbek, Wandsbek, Bergedorf and Eimsbüttel.

Frei_Fläche - space for creative interim use

The funding programme is based on the fund for creative interim use and was launched by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in June 2021 to overcome the coronavirus crisis. Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft has been tasked with implementing the programme and is temporarily renting vacant retail space to Hamburg's creative professionals at a low price of €1.50 per square metre. Frei_Fläche thus reduces vacancies that are harmful to the retail sector, gives creative professionals space for their concepts and strengthens the transformation towards a diverse and vibrant city centre. The landlords of the spaces are reimbursed all ancillary costs for the duration of the programme - no rent is paid.

Frei_Fläche was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Media, the Ministry of Finance, Landesbetrieb Immobilienmanagement und Grundvermögen (LIG) and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. Remaining funds from the current funding period of the programme amounting to 1.6 million euros are available for this in 2024.

About Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is the city's organisation for the promotion of Hamburg's creative industries. As a direct contact and service centre, it is open to all creative players and companies in the Hanseatic city. More knowledge, space, funding and innovation for Hamburg's creatives - that is the mission to which the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft has dedicated itself since 2010.

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Clara Tischer -
  • Clara Tischer
  • Communication Manager Frei_Fläche and Design Zentrum Hamburg
  • 040 2372435-38
  • Kurzbiografie
  • Philipp Götz kommuniziert für die Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft das Programm Frei_Fläche und das Design Zentrum Hamburg. Seit seinem Studium an der Universität Hamburg und der Leuphana Universität bewegt sich der Kulturwissenschaftler an der Schnittstelle von Kommunikation, Architektur und Stadtentwicklung. Ob Gruner + Jahr, Internationale Bauausstellung oder Denkmalschutz – beruflich hat Philipp die Stadt bereits aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln kennengelernt. Zuletzt war er im Bereich PR für den Bildungsbau der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg tätig.

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