Cross Innovation Lab
Cross Innovation Lab

Der Cross Innovation Hub wird mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) co-finanziert.

Cross Innovation Lab

Cross Innovation Lab

Interdisciplinary teams approach innovation projects and needs of the industry on a temporary collaboration and exhibition area.

Cross Innovation Lab

Innovation cycles are getting shorter, markets are becoming more complex - the framework conditions for industry are changing. New solutions are needed to keep manufacturing competitive in global competition. What could be more natural than to open the initial phase of the innovation process to creative professionals who deal with the development of new, useful ideas on a daily basis?

The approach

In autumn 2019, we will continue an experimental format that makes synergies and previously untapped innovation potentials in the temporary cooperation of development teams from industry and highly qualified specialists from the creative industries accessible: the Cross Innovation Lab.

For a period of six weeks (mid-October to early December 2019), a temporary collaboration and exhibition space will be created in Hamburg's HafenCity, at designxport. Here, interdisciplinary teams will tackle the innovation projects or needs of industry.

Format & Method

In modules based on one another, industrial partners develop new product concepts together with selected experts from our pool of creative professionals. In addition, there is the possibility of involving potential or existing customers in the innovation process.

  • Field research: At the beginning, the challenges of the companies are penetrated in a new depth in cooperation with creative people.
  • Laboratory phase: In a total of two laboratory phases with a total of four partner-specific workshop days, the companies develop new solutions together with selected creative professionals.
  • Feedback loops: Between the two lab phases, a concept show with all lab participants takes place in order to further improve the products through joint feedback and exchange.

Follow-up funding possible

At the end of the process there are finished prototypes and/or product concepts for which there is a chance of subsequent funding by theInvestitions- und Förderbank Hamburg (IFB Hamburg) in the next step: Experts from IFB Hamburg will participate in the Cross Innovation Lab and present their funding programme "Programme for Innovation - PROFI". For innovative and promising project ideas, this programme offers the possibility of funding of up to 80 percent by IFB Hamburg.

Become a partner now

Are you interested in developing and implementing new product ideas as an industrial partner in the Lab? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Wohin entwickelt sich unsere Arbeitswelt? Welches Zusammenspiel von Mensch, Technologie und Organisation bzw. Zusammenarbeit erwartet uns? Welche Zielkonflikte können sich dabei ergeben?

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Was heißt „New Work“ bzw. was verstehen wir unter neuen Formen der Zusammenarbeit?

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Wie können wir empathische Lösungen für neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit entwickeln?

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Was ist die Bedeutung einer konstruktiven Fehlerkultur bei Entscheidungen unter Unsicherheit? Wie kommt es zu defensivem Entscheidungsverhalten?

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