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Media & Mobility

Content Journey on blockchain basis

How will media content and mobility solutions merge in the future? Content Foresight opens up new perspectives in a wide period of up to 15 years - in a first run at the interface of content, mobility & technology.

The challenge

The choice of mobility solutions has never been so wide: day after day we easily use a dozen different apps for timetables, booking and activation of offers. The challenge for MaybornWolff and Pilot Screentime's Content Foresight participants was to reduce time and complexity to provide seamless travel time, including content optimized for all stages.

    "It takes a wide range of relevant expertise and value creation fields to handle the complexity of a holistic approach".

Hendrik Menz, pilot Screentime GmbH


The "Seamless Travel Experience Platform" offers seamless travel planning including individually tailored media entertainment, on a non-proprietary decentralized blockchain platform, which enables an ideal customer and content journey exclusively according to the user's needs. By giving equal rights to all mobility and content providers, user preferences alone determine which offers are proposed according to factors such as time, costs, sustainability and convenience. Users retain complete control over their data, its release and further use by third parties. Comparable offers have so far mostly failed due to the competitive situation of providers who, for economic reasons, do not want to help a competitor's platform to break through. A public-private ownership model, in which the public sector acts as a regulator, can aggregate a critical mass of services and users that can keep a full eye on the optimisation of passenger transport, irrespective of the economic success of individual providers.

Format & Method

Over a period of several months, interdisciplinary teams develop concepts and prototypes at the interface of content and other industries for a broad horizon of up to 15 years. The Foresight method is used to examine both empirically verifiable trend developments and uncertain factors. Vague determinants flow into the scenario technique, the "supreme discipline" of strategic foresight. Various creative techniques and methods are used to open up new perspectives.

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"Seamless Travel Experience Platform" von pilot Screentime & Mayborn Wolff