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All projects belonging to the Cross Innovation Hub are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Develop New Solutions

Virtual reality applications to prevent stress or blockchain solutions for the cultural sector - in our summer academy, students from various disciplines develop new solutions for everyday challenges year after year in an intensive two-week work phase. With the Summer Academy, we specifically address students of various - both technical and other - disciplines from all Hamburg colleges and universities. The students work in interdisciplinary teams to develop innovative prototypes with concrete application relevance.

Summer Academy 2019: Recruiting with games factor

Play to your goal! Whether in the advertising and entertainment industry, in education, in industry or in the corporate context - gamification tools are used in a variety of areas to motivate target groups to interact, to facilitate learning and work processes or to promote motivation and enthusiasm. Playful elements are also increasingly being used in the field of recruitment to improve processes and find hidden talents. In the Summer Academy 2019 from August 5 to 16, students from various disciplines will jointly develop new gamification solutions for matching and selection processes in recruiting.

Recruiting challenges 

Digitalisation and the shortage of skilled workers are placing new demands on the recruiting sector - both for employers and employees as well as for volunteer management:         

What skills do both employees and employers need to attract attention in times of digitisation? How can suitable professionals and volunteers be identified, recruited and found? How can gamification be meaningfully integrated into the process? How can unusual matchings, interdisciplinary teams and lateral entrants promote the innovative power of the company or organisation?

Concrete Gamification Solutions

Using practical challenges from partners such as S-Bahn Hamburg, Hamburg Wasser, Hamburger Hochbahn and Tonali, the participants of the summer academy work out methodically guided concrete gamification concepts that are intended to support both employees and employers in improving matching in recruiting. Through the cooperation of students and companies, the expectations of both applicants and employers are equally taken into account.

Diverse skills sought

When selecting participants, we focus on a composition that is as interdisciplinary as possible. The Summer Academy is aimed at students and graduates of various disciplines:

  • Human resources, personnel management, personnel development,
  • Game Design, Interaction Design, Computer Science, Mixed Reality,
  • Marketing, media and cultural management, media technology,
  • Business administration,
  • Pedagogy, music, cultural studies and musicology,
  • Psychology, business psychology, sociology,
  • Design, art, theatre and similar disciplines, with an affinity for gamification.
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