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All projects belonging to the Cross Innovation Hub are supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Rethinking collaboration

Open Innovation, Co-Creation, cross-sectoral Collaboration - Companies as well as solo-self-employed people of all industries are facing great challenges in the course of the digital change. In order to develop a future-oriented work culture, internal structures and processes must be rethought and opened to external perspectives. With the Pop-up Office in 2019, we are continuing an experimental format that approaches urgent questions of entrepreneurial action on an interdisciplinary level.

Targeted matched teams

How can agile working methods be implemented? How can rooms be designed to stimulate new ideas and ways of working? How can diversity and participation be integrated into the work culture?

Creative and employees from other industries, solo self-employed and start-ups, medium-sized and large companies, lateral and forward thinkers, doers, designers and analysts work together in an intensive three-day process to gain new ideas and practical impulses for their work in teams - even across company and industry boundaries.

We are looking for

  • Employees and self-employed persons from the various submarkets of the creative industry, e.g. designers, game developers, architects and many more.
  • Employees and freelancers from various industries, e.g. product developers, personnel managers and innovation managers, and many more.
  • People who would like to deal with new ways of interdisciplinary cooperation within the framework of their work context, but also on an abstract level.

In the ‘Culture Sprint’

Every day, participants gain new insights into cross-sectoral work, cultural change, agile management approaches, digitization and contemporary office and workplace design. 

This is followed by an intensive practical phase: experienced coaches guide the interdisciplinary teams through a five-part ‘culture sprint’ from defining relevant topics and working out specific issues right through to developing potential solutions. To give shape to their ideas, the teams experiment both with common prototyping tools and with the workspace itself. That means they set up our pop-up office according to their ideas in order to be able to work in it optimally for one week.

The Pop-up Office 2019 will take place in three rounds:

  • Tue. 21.5 - Tue. 23.5.
  • Tue. 18.6.- Tue. 20.6.
  • Tue. 27.8.- Tue. 29.8.

The application phase has already expired. You can inform yourself about the results of the pop-up office at the finissage evenings, the public closing dates of the three rounds.


Partners of the Pop-up Office 2019 include Vitra & HSBA

Webformular für Bewerberinnen und Bewerber

Raffaela Seitz


Raffaela Seitz

Cross Innovation Hub

T+49 – 40 – 879 7986 24
Theo Haustein


Theo Haustein

Cross Innovation Hub

T+49 – 40 – 879 7986 27
Unser Pop-up Office tauchte im April 2018 wortwörtlich aus dem Nichts in der Grindelallee 129 auf.
In einem "Deep Dive" identifizierten Freiberufliche und Angestellte gemeinsame Herausforderungen in ihrem Arbeitsalltag.
Mit insgesamt 16 verschiedenen Kreativitätstechniken entwickelten die Teams neue Lösungsansätze.
Um ihren Ideen Gestalt zu geben, experimentierten die Teams u.a. mit flexiblen Sitzmodulen.
Bei der abschließenden Finissage päsentierten die Teilnehmenden die Ergebnisse der Arbeitswoche.
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