Butter bei die Fische: Prepared for the job life

27.1.2020 18:00 – 19:30 Uhr

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Eligible to participate are students, apprentices and graduates (up to five years after graduation) of creative education and study fields. 

The creative industry is booming! But not every creative person receives the financial reward he or she deserves. Many are highly professional in their profession, but they are often little prepared for the specific demands of the job market. A lack of existing entrepreneurial knowledge can slow down the start for freelance creatives.

The purpose of our Butter bei die Fische lecture and networking series is to improve the economic skills of students and graduates, prepare them for their entry into the labour market and connect them with like-minded people.

This event series is held in German.

In cooperation with universities and creative schools in Hamburg

In weekly presentations, speakers with practical experience will provide information on topics such as artists' social insurance, taxes, the preparation of bids, marketing and acquisition. They also address the individual questions of participants. These basics are intended to ease the entry into self-employment and extend the professional expertise by adding knowledge of the economic framework conditions in the creative industries. This lecture and networking series is offered every semester in cooperation with Hamburg universities and private creative schools - certificates of participation can be issued.

Lecture topics during winter semester 2019/2020

  • October 28: Basic knowledge for self-employment
  • November 4: The price
  • November 11: Taxes
  • November 18: Flexible pension cover and retirement planning
  • November 25: The own internet appearance
  • December 2: The bid
  • December 9: The contract and the invoice
  • Januaray 13: The social welfare fund for artists
  • January 20: Intellectual property
  • January 27: Successful acquisitions

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