Der Cross Innovation Hub wird mit Mitteln aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) co-finanziert.


The Story

A Journey through Cross Innovation

Cross Innovation is a continuous journey, a learning process inspired by new encounters and perspectives. We are curious to explore the new, to discover unexpected links between diverse places, people and business sectors. Looking beyond the existing innovation system we aim at enhancing the impact of creative professionals in the future economy. Let´s start our journey in Hamburg. To be continued all over Europe.

In 2010, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft was founded as a business promotion institution to support the creative industries in Hamburg. Besides providing capacity building support and access to space and finance, stimulating innovation became an important part of our promotion approach.

In 2016, our journey through Cross Innovation began. This was when the funding period for Cross Innovation Hub took off. We grew into a team of ambitious individuals and we are still transforming into a powerful unit of diversity. We understand ourselves as part of the overall project, as hub of an agile Cross Innovation ecosystem in Hamburg and beyond.

Learning Day by Day

Based on this vision, we are opening the process of ideation to external sources of knowledge and experience. Continuously developing and implementing new formats and tools, we are learning day by day how we can establish those conditions, which enable productive cross-sectoral collaboration with the creative industries.

June 2017: Kick-off Event
August 2017: World Café at ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research
October 2017: 'Art meets Science' exhibition at DESY

Sustainable Connections

Fostering Cross Innovation processes we intend to create sustainable connections and ensure economic growth. We aim to accompany our participants on a long-term basis and support them in the early phase of innovation from teambuilding and idea development to the founding of a business.

Therefore, we keep in touch with various teams that have emerged from our formats or have grown within them. It is particularly important to us to support them in their start-up projects – with services from our existing portfolio, e.g. access to space, but also individual workshops, or newly developed formats.

Follow-up Criteria

  • Participation in at least one interactive format of the Cross Innovation Hub
  • Innovative founding idea / process innovation
  • Interdisciplinary founding teams with actors from the creative industries
  • Residential and/or company headquarters in Hamburg
June 2017: Workshop with the 'Department of Seaweed'
November 2017: Hackathon 'Publish Public Spaces'
February 2018: Start-up Days at betahaus Hamburg

Augmenting the System

At Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft we regard Cross Innovation as a key process to generate innovation. We believe that an innovation system that is relying exclusively on research and development (R&D) will not meet the requirements of a rapidly changing world and economy. Therefore, we are aiming at developing a true understanding of how our Cross Innovation approach can augment the existing system. In a complementary Cross Innovation system creativity will be a core competence to thrive and prosper growth for a dynamic and sustainable future economy.

In a few years Hamburg will be one of the key players in Europe dealing with promoting Cross Innovation in collaboration with the creative industries. We will know how Cross Innovation processes are organised in a successful way and we will show that creativity is one of the most important competences in innovation processes. 

Creatives in the Centre

But we will still be facing a lot of unanswered questions. One of the questions we are dealing with is the role of science and research in such an advanced innovation system. Will research play a role in Cross Innovation processes? And if so, what will that role look like?

Our journey through Cross Innovation has just started. But we have a clear vision ahead of us: If we allow new innovation systems to be established, put creative professionals in the centre of it, gather European competences from intermediaries and different business sectors to commonly learn and build together, Europe will be able to face new innovation challenges which are about to come.

April 2018: Virtual Reality Barcamp at Health Innovation Port (HIP)
May 2018: Pop-up Office - three weeks of mutual learning
September - November 2018: Cross Innovation Lab at Oberhafenquartier
Das Magazin

Pop-up Office 2019

21.5.2019 09:00 Time

Kreative lassen sich gemeinsam mit Berufstätigen aus anderen Branchen auf ein experimentelles Arbeitsformat ein.
VENUE tba.

Fragestunde - Kompakte Beratung für Kreative

22.5.2019 15:00 Time

Selbstständigen und Gründer/innen steht unsere regelmäßig stattfindende „Fragestunde“ offen.
VENUE Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft im Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstr. 41-43, 20457 Hamburg

Rechtsberatung zu Internetrecht durch Cyber Law Clinic

22.5.2019 17:00 Time

Der Einstieg in die Selbstständigkeit aber auch die tägliche Arbeitspraxis der Selbstständigen in der Kreativwirtschaft sind mit einer Reihe von Entscheidungen verbunden, die auch rechtliche Dimensionen umfassen.Oft wird nicht gleich ein/e Rechtsanwalt/anwältin gebraucht, aber wo sonst gibt es
VENUE Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Hongkongstraße 5, 20457 Hamburg

Pop-up Office - Finissage #1/19

23.5.2019 19:00 Time

Nach drei Tagen intensiver Zusammenarbeit kommen Interessierte mit den Teilnehmenden zu ihren Ergebnissen, Erfahrungen und Learnings ins Gespräch.
VENUE vonschmidt Design
Stockmeyerstr. 43, 20457 Hamburg

Design Thinking für Einsteiger/innen

24.5.2019 10:00 Time

An erfolgreichen Fallbeispielen lernen die Teilnehmenden dieses interaktiven Workshops die Grundlagen der Design-Thinking-Methode kennen und erfahren, wie Lösungen und Ideen für komplexe Problemstellungen in co-kreativen Prozessen erarbeitet werden können.
VENUE Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft im Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstr. 41-43, 20457 Hamburg

Butter bei die Fische (SoSe 2019)

27.5.2019 18:00 Time

Unsere Vortrags- und Vernetzungsreihe „Butter bei die Fische“ richtet sich auch im Sommersemester 2019 an zukünftige Freiberufler/innen und Gewerbetreibende, die auf den Einstieg in den Arbeitsmarkt vorbereitet werden wollen.
VENUE Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft im Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstr. 41-43 Mittelbau 2. Etage, 20457 Hamburg

Crowdfunding Club

28.5.2019 15:00 Time

Beim regelmäßig stattfindenden Crowdfunding Club erfahren die Teilnehmenden, wie sie ihre Kampagne optimal vorbereiten und welche Faktoren den Ausgang ihrer Kampagne beeinflussen.
VENUE betahaus Hamburg
Eifflerstraße 43 Kantine, 22769 Hamburg

Cross Innovation - Get-together #18

28.5.2019 19:00 Time

An jedem letzten Dienstag im Monat nehmen wir Sie mit auf eine kurze Reise hinter die Kulissen dieses zukunftsweisenden Projektes. Bei unserem "Cross Innovation - Get-together" stellen wir konkrete Ergebnisse und Inhalte aus unserem Cross Innovation Hub vor und informieren über künftige Angebote. Unser Get-together ist offen für alle, die kreative Impulse und neue Lösungsansätze suchen.
VENUE Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft im Oberhafenquartier
Stockmeyerstr. 41-43, 20457 Hamburg
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