Creative Industries

The creative industries are a somewhat special but no longer exotic sector that is economically viable, with sound development and a high level of innovative potential as well as increasing turnover and employment.

Creative Industries

A sector with potential for the future

In recent years, the creative industries have increasingly attracted the attention of cultural and economic policies and, for some time now, have been perceived and defined as an independent branch in Germany and thus also in Hamburg.

In comparison with other branches of industry, the creative industries reveal a number of special features: The sector is organized in extremely small entities and at times, the work may be executed at new sites or often involves hybrid forms of work. Many creative products are being developed not only with the intention of gaining profit, but also aim at achieving ideological objectives. Besides this, some products and services of the creative industries cannot be manufactured in industrial mass production. The products can be unique pieces or singular performances, involving improvised production processes, at times even without a precisely defined outcome.

The creative industries are thus a somewhat special but certainly no longer an exotic sector. They have become a viable economic sector, with sound development and a high level of innovative potential as well as an increasing turnover and a growing number of employments.

Creative industries – what are they?

According to the following definition, the creative industries are understood as “those creative enterprises, which are working mainly on a profit-oriented basis and are concerned with the creation, production, distribution and/or media distribution of cultural/creative products and services.”
Conference of German Economic Ministers, June 2008

A second part of the definition describes in more detail the content-related similarities of all activities within the scope of the creative industries:

“The connecting key element of all cultural and creative activities is the actual creative act of any artistic, literary, cultural, musical, architectural or creative content, work, product, production or service.”
Survey of the Cultural and Creative Industries of the German Federal Government, 2009

Eleven sub-sectors of the Creative Industries – a sector of great diversity

  1. Advertising
  2. Architecture
  3. Broadcasting
  4. Design
  5. Film
  6. Fine Art
  7. Literature
  8. Music
  9. Press
  10. Software/Games
  11. Theatre/Dance


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