Icon Facebook and the brain

Facebook and the brain

  • Datum: 18. Februar 2014, 19:30-20:30 Uhr
  • Ort:MakerHub, Große Bergstraße 160, 22767 Hamburg
  • Referenten:Dar Meshi, Fenner große Deters; FU Berlin
  • Zielgruppe:Social Media Nutzer
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Über diese Veranstaltung

Why do people use social media? From a neuroscientific perspective, this question is still unanswered. However, neuroscientists have recently started to use social media in their research. This research has focused on understanding human social networks and also social reward processing in the brain. Dr. Dar Meshi, a neuroscientist at Freie Universität Berlin, will discuss the current state of this research and present findings from a recent study.

Facebook counts over 60 million status updates each day – how does this increasingly popular
and new form of one-to-many communication affect our social well-being? Should we fear to get
ever lonelier sitting in front of our computers and smartphones? The researcher and psychologist Fenne große Deters (Freie Universität Berlin) will address these and related questions and share the intriguing results of her recent studies with you.

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